Top Illinois Drug Treatment Advocacy Group Praises Sen. Mark Kirk’s Push against “Pill Mills”

(Chicago, IL) — U.S. Senator Mark Kirk (R.-Ill) today announced new legislation at a Chicago press conference to combat the nation’s fastest growing drug epidemic – prescription drug abuse.

“Prescription drug abuse is rising. Drug fatalities have surpassed motor vehicle deaths, largely due to prescription drug overdoses,” Kirk said. “This bipartisan legislation makes common-sense reforms to the Controlled Substances Act that will help save lives from prescription drug overdoses.”

According to Kirk’s office, 2 1/2 times more Americans currently abuse prescription drugs than the number of those using cocaine, hallucinogens, heroin, and inhalants combined.

“’Pill mills’, or doctors, and pharmacies that either inappropriately prescribe or dispense prescription narcotics for non-medical reasons is a growing drug abuse problem in the U.S.,” said Illinois Alcoholism Drug and Dependence Association CEO Sara Moscato Howe. “I applaud Senator Kirk’s efforts to tackle this problem.”