Cash Reserves Exhausted, Hispanic Drug Treatment Agency Closure Looms

Illinois’ budget impasse is driving a suburban non-for-profit substance abuse treatment agency, which serves mostly Hispanic residents, to close all offices by July 1.

Without payment from the state on the $59,326 owed, the Elgin-based Latino Treatment Agency will begin to shut down two agency facilities by June 15 and the final office by July 1.

“Given the State’s inability to release the $59,326 owed to the Latino Treatment Agency from our state grant, we will be unable to provide services to our clients, mostly from the Hispanic community, if we do not receive these State funds by July 1,” said agency executive director Adriana Trino. “More than 160 clients will be terminated from services by July 1.”

Trino says that the agency, which has been in operation for more than 30-years, has cut salaries and exhausted bank lines of credit and cash reserves in order to maintain services to its 160 Hispanic clients spread through out Cook, DuPage, and Kane counties.

“We have cut our expenses; we have accumulated debt; and we have reduced salaries of every staff member,” Trino said. “We have exhausted cash reserves and our line of credit in order to remain afloat.”

The $59,326 owed to agency is on top of $60,690 cut from the group’s $273,008 budget by the Rauner Administration in August 2015.


State Senator Iris Martinez (D-Chicago) (left) attends press conference in Springfield on Thursday to back a financial rescue of the Latino Treatment Center of Elgin that is currently owed $59,326 from the state. LTC executive director Adriana Trino addressed reporters to explain the agency’s July 1 closure plans if no payments arrive from the state.

“The total loss at this time for Latino Treatment Center is $120,016,” Trino said.

The agency chief is urging Governor Bruce Rauner and the Democratic-controlled legislature to find a budget compromise in order that money can start flowing again to her group.

“We have faithfully met the terms of our contract and we have shown consistent, life-changing results for our clients,” Trino said. “Now Governor Rauner and lawmakers must make the budget compromises necessary in order to honor the contractual commitment that the State of Illinois has made to our agency and our clients.”

State Rep. Lisa Hernandez (D-Chicago) also wants state funding to reach the agency to keep its services operating.

“The Latino Treatment Center provides substance abuse treatment which is a critical service that looks to provide those in need of a help, an equal opportunity to get back on their feet and set them on the right path to recovery” said Hernandez. “It is very important that we advocate on their behalf for the necessary funding so that they may continue to provide these essential services in which some of the most vulnerable residents in the state are in dire need.”

Trino expresses pride in long-time staff, but will be forced to layoff the first group of 12-employees, starting on May 15.

“I am lucky to run this agency with such a dedicated staff that’s focused on the quality of care for each individual client,” said Trino. “I am also proud that we have had no employee leave the past 16 years, but without any payment within the next 30 days, I will need to layoff 12 employees.”

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